How It Works

Chicago Outfit on his way to his fifth victory for members at Hexham.

  • The monthly cost for a 5% share is fixed at £110 per month.
  •  Uniquely, unlike most other racehorse clubs, there is no upfront additional cost payable by club members for the initial purchase of your Club racehorse.
  • The number of members assigned to each club racehorse is capped at 100%.
  • The owners’ share of win and place prize money earned by their Club racehorse throughout the jumps season is retained for reinvestment in new racehorses.

In summary, for less than £28 per week you can have a great racing experience with none of the administration or risks normally associated with owning a racehorse.

If you are interested in a 5% share in a MGR Club racehorse, please complete the enquiry form in the contact section or call Martin on 07704 578516 for further information.