Club Membership


The Martin Gray Racing Club has been created for those passionate about jumps racing to come together and be involved in racehorse ownership.  Our main aim is to enjoy our days out racing, sharing our successes and making memories which will last a lifetime.

MGR Club Five Per Cent Option

This option is aimed to provide an affordable monthly cost for members to ensure it is within reach of most budgets.  I believe five per cent is one of the highest shares available for an inclusive fixed monthly cost of only £110 per month.  There is no upfront horse purchase payment required unlike most other race clubs.  Membership will ensure you can enjoy all the benefits of a racehorse ownership experience through the Martin Gray Racing Club for less than £28 per week. This has proved to be a great way for our members to enjoy their National Hunt Racing with our club horses already winning FOURTEEN races.

mgr-howitworks01MGR Club Share Options

For those members who would prefer a larger share in a MGR Club racehorse give me a call for further details.

For further details please telephone Martin on 07704 578516

 Share % Fixed Monthly Cost
 5%  £110
 10% £210




Gift Offer

For those who may wish to purchase a full year’s membership of the Martin Gray Racing Five Per Cent option as a gift for family, friends or loved ones, these can be purchased for a one-off upfront payment of £1250.

Please email for further details or complete the enquiry form.

Member Information

Racehorse ownership like most sports can enjoy great highs and drama (Fourteen winners and many placed finishes) and also some  frustrations along the way and it is important to be honest with prospective Club members to ensure expectations are realistic.

What the MGR Club is not about: –

  • Large scale gambling.
  • Excessive alcohol.
  • Rude behaviours.
  • Inappropriate language.
  • Expectation of Club membership being a good ‘financial investment’.

The principle of Martin Gray Racing is to use the incomes derived from Club member subscriptions to cover a proportion of horse purchase, training and other costs and liabilities without any financial or other racehorse ownership risks or lengthy administration for individual Club members.